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The Washington Tribune® Company Inc. is a digital media company which operates®,® ( and®. It owns 1100 on line News, Business, Entertainment and Wall Street publications all across USA and Europe. These sites includes 31 State Tribune Publications, 34 City Tribune Publications, 21 Times Publications, 19 Post Publications, 24 Press Publications, 57 Reporter Publications, 75 Register Publications, 37 Journal publications, 46 Chronicle Publications, 74 Sentinel Publications, 49 Observer Publications, 33 Herald Publications, 29 Examiner Publications, 42 Globe Publications, 34 Gazette Publications, 70 Guardian Publications, 27 Ledger Publications, 67 Union Publications, 10 Telegram Publications, 7 Telegraph Publications,13 Mirror Publications, 7 Opinion Publications and 19 Wall Street Publications which are in development at the present time.

The focus of the company is to provide news and information from across the country and the world using latest technologies in media and broadcasting to reach more audience.

Social responsibility and commitment to provide higher standard of service to our readers is our primary goal. We are working hard to accomplish this. Stay tuned for further announcements in regards to launch of our other news sites.